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While working on our project Artividuals – the living artworks of Amsterdam we continuously meet the most interesting characters that enrich the streets of Amsterdam. We will keep you posted on the project on our blog One of the … Continue reading

Freak Du Chique

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Freak du Chique, a guerrilla puppet theatre for adults, is going on tour. Miniature ringmaster Monty will bring his shows (full of puppetry, music and dance) to Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Freak du Chique is in dire need … Continue reading

Royal Zebras in Amsterdam

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While Amsterdam was celebrating a new King, nearly two hundred orange-striped party animals (mainly excited exchange students) created their own legendary Queensday party on Lake IJ. Last Tuesday the whole nation saw how our newly crowned King & Queen disembarked … Continue reading

The news

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A little while ago model Frank Italiaander, make up artist Marieke Wink & I went to nearby hospital for a conceptual photo shoot. Frank not only is very photogenic, he also proved to be a highly convincing actor. Marieke helped … Continue reading


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Last weekend we met yet another artividual in Amsterdam; the colourful painter Fabrice Hünd. His studio, packed with brightly coloured paintings, shows that canvasses alone are not enough for the productive artist. A lampshade, several boulders, all  stools in the … Continue reading

Jan Bianchi

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While working on our Artividuals project, we’re constantly meeting the most interesting people. One of the people we met recently is the brilliant painter Jan Bianchi. We spoke with him, while sitting amidst his ingenius paintings. Paintings in the styles of … Continue reading

Living Artworks of Amsterdam

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Together with journalist Marvin Hokstam I’m working on a series of portraits of the living artworks of Amsterdam. The flamboyant, eccentric people that give the streets their colourful look. The people that underline the city’s image of tolerance, diversity and … Continue reading

Catching bankers

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Financial crisis. What do you think? Who’s to blame? Is anyone to blame really? Is it all bad news, or is there a silver lining… Do people get more creative in tough times… do they finally realize what’s reálly important? … Continue reading

Risk management

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I had my doubts if Tim Essers, who works in auditing, would go for a funny, unusual or distinct concept. To make sure there would be a concept he felt comfortable with, I also included some more conservative (yet stylish) … Continue reading

Silent witness

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The image below is an interesting one. Apparently you either love it or hate it. It seems there is nothing in between. While the shot got me lots of compliments and a ‘Daily Deviation’ on DeviantArt, the judges of a … Continue reading


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To keep the inspiration flowing it’s important to change your modus operandi once in a while. Different approaches can be refreshing. Keeping this in mind I took out my analog Ricoh XR-6 (built in the early eighties) and shot a … Continue reading