Who I am
My name is René de Ruijter. I’m a freelance photographer. I work mainly on location and my specialty is conceptual portraiture. A portrait should tell a story. Viewers should be intrigued and exited about the image. It should make them want to get to know the person shown in the picture.

What I can do for you
Whether you are a businessman, a musician, an actor or a designer, it’s important to stand out. You need to stress your distinctive features to get the assignments, the buyers or the exposure you desire. This is where I come in. I deliver photographs that get you the attention you need to share your message. Photographs that can be used next to an interview, on your website, on your résumé, in your advertisement etc.

If you’re currently looking for a (new) job, you will find that it is paramount to stand out from all the other applicants. Companies are often flooded with job applications and resumes and it’s going to take something special to capture the attention of your dream employer. An exiting and intriguing conceptual portrait attached to your resume guarantees your letter gets the attention it deserves.

How I work
The first stage is without any obligations. We meet for coffee and you tell me what you want to express with your photos. How do you want to be perceived? You don’t have to come up with ideas yourself, but I’m definitely going to need your input.
At our second meeting, still FREE of charge, I’ll present you with several concepts.
When you are enthusiastic about one or more of the concepts, we’ll make an appointment for the actual shoot. If not, no harm done.

Feel free to contact me for more information or an appointment. I’m looking forward to meeting you.