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Silent witness

The image below is an interesting one. Apparently you either love it or hate it. It seems there is nothing in between. While the shot got me lots of compliments and a ‘Daily Deviation’ on DeviantArt, the judges of a photography competition I entered weren’t quite as positive. They found this one to be weakest of the five shots I submitted to the contest, as “it is not clear enough what has happened”. Personally I believe this is exactly the strength of the photo, as anyone can make up his or her own story behind the image. What has happened is unclear, but one can fantasize… I like to challenge the viewers to use their imagination. To fill in the details any way they like.

What do you think?

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  1. Barry Mettes

    “it is not clear enough what has happened”, well I agree to disagree. The continuum of human perspectives on art is part of its genius. I think this is a wonderful piece, well worth its praise.

  2. Victoria

    It’s true that the picture does not show one story. So if this is meant with ‘it’s not clear enough what has happend’ I do agree.
    But as is stated above, the beauty of the photo is that one person can see a person lost along the way looking for his glasses and an other who reads the title ‘silent witness’ (which is very leading by the way and does somewhat clearify the photo) will think of a more violent story.

  3. Mariska Gunsing

    “The continuum of human perspectives on art is part of its genius”… Wauw Barry, ik had het niet beter kunnen omschrijven!
    Prachtige foto René!

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