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Risk management

I had my doubts if Tim Essers, who works in auditing, would go for a funny, unusual or distinct concept. To make sure there would be a concept he felt comfortable with, I also included some more conservative (yet stylish) concepts to choose from. Tim read the concepts without saying much. Then all of a sudden he jumped up, shouting “Yes! This one. This is exactly how I want to be perceived.” To my amazement, and much to my satisfaction, he had picked my favourite concept; the one with ‘risk management’ (one of his specialties) as main theme.

With this portrait he will be noticed, that’s for sure. A fun, light-hearted statement among the many dull business-portraits that are so common in the business world…


  1. BarryMettes

    Nice idea! I love the composition, it’s both clever and funny.

  2. Victoria

    Awesome that he choose this concept!
    You should shoot mine too ;)

  3. Mariska Gunsing

    Nice one Tim!!

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