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Young mothers and their little artists

Don Bosco Jonathan, an Amsterdam based foundation, asked me to do a shoot with a group of young mothers and their children. I was all for a fun day and beautiful photos, but I felt something was missing. Surely we could make the photoshoot a little more interesting…

Young children are very creative. Society has not yet been able to sculpt them into the critics that most of us grow up to be. I wanted to use this unrestrained creativity to give the kids (and their mothers) an unforgettable day. Wouldn’t it be nice if the kids could unleash their creativity by using their own mothers as genuine canvasses! Eight young mothers proved to be real sports and fully surrendered to the artistic outbursts of their offspring. Of course the youthful enthusiasm was contagious. Soon the mothers in turn transformed their children into beautiful cheery artworks.

For even more photos of this shoot and the behind-the-scenes, check out my facebook-page:


  1. Victoria

    Everybody looks so tidy … I would expect chaos and paint all over with the kids …
    But credits to the moms for being brave enough to be painted by their kids!!
    PS: I nice follow up could be ‘dads & kids’??!!

  2. Mariska Gunsing

    Super sweet! I love the open mindedness of kids =D

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